Strehl TrailerBlade

Strehl TrailerBlade
Model 715

Save Time and Money with TrailerBlade!

Compare Strehl TrailerBlade Model 715 with its competition and you'll find it ranks near the top in tested fuel savings (7% in independent testing) and near the bottom in price.  The right combination of proven materials, rugged design and efficient manufacturing create an advanced side skirt that is economical to buy, easy to install, ruggedly built and will look great for years.

Download Strehl TrailerBlade Model 715 brochure here.

Product Features:

  • 7% Fuel Savings in Independent Testing
  • 10 Year Life Cycle
  • Easy Installation
  • Quick Payback Periods
  • Flexible Lower Skirt
  • Modular Components
  • SmartWay Approved
  • Color-matching Available

Performance - Mounting Pillar (Patent-Pending)

TrailerBlade is the only four-way adjustable skirt on the market.  That means that each install can achieve the optimum angle on every trailer, every time to achieve maximum performance. Using TrailerBlade's unique patent-pending mounting pillar which pivots, articulates and provides height adjustments, each trailer can be custom fit ensuring a perfectly straight angle on every installation.

Strehl TrailerBlade - Only Angled Skirt to Maintain Straight Line
Strehl TrailerBlade with pivoting Mounting Pillar to ensure perfect angle on every installation

Damage Reduction

It's a Catch-22.  When you increase surface area, you increase your fuel performance - but also the potential for damage.  TrailerBlade uses a unique split-design and materials with proven aerodynamics, flexibility and strength and a 25" ground clearance to minimize damage. 

The upper skirt is made from an LPDE core that is laminated between polyester-coated galvanized steel.  This is similar to what clads the trailer but is an architectural grade material that enhances flexibility.

The lower skirt is made of vulcanized plastic (TPV) which offers stiffness for aerodynamics, flexibility for control and high ground clearance.  TPV is weatherproof and stable in -60 to 300 degrees F and comes in a single roll for greater aerodynamic performance.  The cleat on the back offers easy installation and the bumpers on the front offer protection and stiffness.

Strehl's pillar design is self-enclosed and has a pivoting head which allows for quick adjustment during installation to achieve the precise desired angle.  Most competitors use either braces or L-spring designs which gather mud, snow and ice.

Strehl TrailerBladeLower Skirt
Strehl TrailerBlade Upper Skirt

Smart Design = Cost Savings

TrailerBlade is a modular design with replaceable components mean you replace only damaged parts, not the entire side saving you time and money.  And, with only four replacement skus (two proprietary) inventory and replacement costs are minimized.  TrailerBlade is made entirely of standard materials that are used elsewhere on either the truck or trailer which simplifies damage repairs.  And, installation of the TrailerBlade is quick and easy, typically taking two people one hour to complete.

Download Strehl TrailerBlade Model 715 brochure here.

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