Thermo King V-520 Nosemount

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Thermo King
V-520 Nosemount



The V-520 series of vehicle-powered refrigeration units provide superior cooling performance in two different packages: nosemount and rooftop. The nosemount refrigeration unit is ideal for small to medium sized insulated box trucks, while the rooftop arrangement is perfect for medium to large vans and body-on-chassis vehicles with reach-in side compartments. Only Thermo King offers a rooftop reefer unit with this much capacity in a slim line package (just 6 inches above the roof for non-standby units).

  • SmartPower electric standby option (230 VAC)
  • Automatic hot gas defrost
  • Optional heating package (hot gas, MAX units)
  • Jet Lube compressor lubrication
  • Jet Cool compressor injection cooling (MAX units)
  • DSR controller
  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC (non-standby units only)
  • Lightweight construction
  • Very long life condenser fans
Cooling and Heating Capacities
  • Model: V-520
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Truck Engine Cooling Capacity-BTU/hr: 35°F: 12,200
  • Truck Engine Cooling Capacity-BTU/hr: 0°F: 5,000
  • Electric Standby Cooling Capacity-BTU/hr: 35°F: 10,000
  • Electric Standby Cooling Capacity-BTU/hr: 0°F: 3,500
  • Evap Overflow CFM: 1,415
Non-MAX units (R-134a) are rated @ 0°F but not allowed to operate below 25°F due to system protection. All standby capacities rated w/230 VAC option.



Cooling Capacity
Truck Engine: 12,200 BTU/hr ; Electric Standby: 10,000 BTU/hr

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