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The most reliable HVAC system for transit applications is now better than ever. Offering unmatched versatility and more options to meet your specific needs.

  • Low life cycle costs: Performance proven components provide long service life and minimum maintenance for low life cycle costs.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight all aluminum frame, blowers, coil headers and compressor reduce bus stress and fuel consumption.
  • Easy to service: Convenient service access to all major components. Simplified electrical troubleshooting with microprocessor controls. Removable access panels and a convenient rear window location provide easy access to unit components for repairs or maintenance.
  • Same major components and options across platform: T Series units have many of the same internal components in the electrical and refrigeration systems, assuring a readily available supply of parts and parts interchangeability to lower costs and minimize downtime.
  • Easy to install: T Series units are easy to install and service because of the compact, one-piece design.
  • Proven dependability
Standard Features
  • Thermo King’s IntelligAIRE® III Control System Delivers Industry-Leading Capability with Unmatched Ease-of-Use: Multiple zones can be controlled using identical expansion modules via CAN network and interconnected software; Expanded CAN communication capability to plug directly into the vehicle’s J1939 network; Operator-friendly display and pressure modules for improved control and diagnostics
  • Four simple modules remove complexity for operators and technicians: Display Module; Pressure Display Module; Main Module; IO Module
  • High Performance R-407C: Environmentally safe alternative that provides more BTUs of cooling per HP used
  • R-134a Refrigerant: Environmentally-friendly solution
  • The Thermo King X430 Compressor: Engineered exclusively for transport applications; Built for extended service life; Field repairable
  • Evaporator fan motor: Heavy-duty, double shafted industrial permanent magnetic motor with replaceable bearings and brushes; 27V, 1.15 hp, 1700 rpm (high speed); Drives two large, high airflow, forward curved, centrifugal blowers
  • Condenser fan motors: Two, heavy-duty, industrial permanent magnet motors with replaceable bearings and brushes; 27V, .75 hp, 1900 rpm (high speed); Each motor drives a 457 mm (18 in.) diameter axial flow fan
  • Thermo King Brushless Motors Designed Specifically for Mobile Air Conditioning Lower Your Operating Costs: Eliminates High Brush Maintenance Costs; Fewer Parts to Maintain and Replace - Electronic Package is Integral to Motors, Eliminating External Controllers, Harnesses, Terminals and Studs for Lower Costs; Advanced Diagnostics Provide Failure Mode Indication
  • IntelligAIRE® III Electronic Pressure Display Module: Touchpad displays four different pressure readings; Simplifies problem diagnosis and pre-trip inspections
  • S391/S616 Screw Compressors: Exclusive oil management system for increased reliability; Fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors; Lower noise levels and vibration than reciprocating compressors; Programmable capacity control for fuel savings
  • Electronic Energy Management System: Provides fuel savings with X426, X430 and X640 reciprocating compressors; Programmable electronic capacity control reduces the parasitic load on the engine
  • High Performance Clutch: Long-life sealed bearing; More torque for heavy-duty applications; Extended maintenance intervals
  • Wound field condenser & evaporator fan motors
  • Modulating water valve
  • 125 amp, 27V dc batteryless alternator (independently powers fan motors and controls)
Evaporator Airflow
  • 0 mm (0 in.) water column external static pressure
  • High speed fan: 3814 m3/hr (2250 cfm)
  • Low speed fan: 2366 m3/hr (1400 cfm)
  • Consult factory for optional airflow on high speed or low speed fan operation.
Performance Data
  • System net cooling capacity with 35°C (95°F) ambient, and 26.7°C (80°F) db, 19.5°C (67°F) wb evaporator return air (50% RH):
Refrigerant HFC R-407c
  • 1000 RPM: 66,700 BTU/hr; 16,808 Kcal/hr; 7 HP
  • 1800 RPM: 88,400 BTU/hr; 22,277 Kcal/hr; 15 HP
  • 2400 RPM: 97,300 BTU/hr; 24,520 Kcal/hr; 21 HP
  • 2800 RPM: 101,000 BTU/hr; 25,452 Kcal/hr; 24 HP
Refrigerant HFC-134a
  • 1000 RPM: 45,700 BTU/hr; 11,516 Kcal/hr; 6 HP
  • 1800 RPM: 73,600 BTU/hr; 18,547 Kcal/hr; 12 HP
  • 2400 RPM: 83,900 BTU/hr; 21,143 Kcal/hr; 15 HP
  • 2800 RPM: 86,000 BTU/hr; 21,672 Kcal/hr; 18 HP
System Heating Capacity
  • 24,696 KCal/hr (98,000 Btu/hr) @ 8 GPM & 160°F water
Electric Power Requirements
  • AT 27V DC
  • High speed fan: 106 amps (high speed evaporator and condenser fans)
  • Power source: Bus alternator or Thermo King batteryless alternator
Unit Operation w/Driver Mode Switch
  • Reheat: Compressor clutch continuously engaged, boost pump and water control valve cycling is controlled by thermostat.
  • Cool: Compressor clutch cycles On/Off on demand of thermostat.
  • Vent: Evaporator fan operation only.
  • Heat: Boost pump and water control valve cycle on demand of thermostat. Compressor clutch off.
  • Depth: 25.9 in. (658 mm)
  • Height: 37.9 in. (963 mm)
  • Width: 64.4 in. (1618 mm)
  • Weight: 380 lb. (173 kg)
Nominal cooling system capacities shown may vary depending upon the specific T Series unit model (frame size) selected. Consult factory for more specific performance data for your application.



Cooling Capacity
R407C: 101,000 BTU/hr (25,452 KCal/hr); R134a: 86,000 BTU/hr (21,672 KCal/hr)
Heating Capacity
98,000 BTU/hr (24,696 KCal/hr)


Airflow Volume
2250 cfm (3814 m3/hr)


380 lb. (173 kg)
25.9 x 37.9 x 64.4 in. (658 x 963 x 1618 mm)

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