Thermo King T-1280R Spectrum® Multi-Temp

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Thermo King
T-1280R Spectrum® Multi-Temp



The new T-1280R SPECTRUM® diesel-powered truck unit brings Thermo King’s ultra-reliable X-430 compressor to multi-temp truck applications. The T-1280R SPECTRUM® also features QuickTemp technology, which utilizes an electronic throttling valve system to realize major long-term benefits, including significant fuel savings, improved temperature control and reduced maintenance. In designing the T-80 Series of transport refrigeration units for straight trucks, compliance with the latest emissions requirements was just the beginning. We challenged ourselves to offer lower maintenance costs and better fuel efficiency while continuing to improve on the quality and reliability that has been the foundation of Thermo King for 75 years.

  • QuickTemp technology delivers: Faster pull down at start up, faster recovery after door openings; Reduced run time by up to 20% over previous model; Extended calendar time between routine maintenance; Extended the life of critical components
  • Multi-temp capability for applications that demand different temperature zones
  • EMI (extended maintenance interval) of 2000 hours is the longest in the industry, lowering downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reliable X-430 compressor
Return Air to Evaporator
  • Engine Power BTU/hr 35°F (Up to): 34,000
  • Engine Power BTU/hr 0°F (Up to): 22,000
  • Engine Power BTU/hr -20°F (Up to): 13,000
  • Electric Power BTU/hr 35°F (Up to): 34,000
  • Electric Power BTU/hr 0°F (Up to): 17,500
  • Electric Power BTU/hr -20°F (Up to): 10,000
Heating Capacity (35°F/0°F ambient)
  • Engine power (BTU/hr): 19,000
  • Electric power (BTU/hr): 13,500
Airflow: on high speed engine operation
  • Airflow volume @ 0 Pa static pressure: 2020 ft3/min
  • Discharge Velocity (Air Throw): 26 ft/sec
Weight (Condensing Unit)
  • Standard: cooling/heating on engine operation: 790 lbs
  • With SmartPower electric standby: cooling/heating on engine/electric standby: 945 lbs
  • Type: 3 cylinder, liquid cooled
  • Model: TK 380
  • Rating: 16.2 hp
  • Maintenance Interval: 2000 hrs
  • Type: Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Model: TK430
  • Displacement: 30 cu. in.
Electric Standby Motor
  • Voltage / phase / cycles: 230/3/60
  • Rating: 12 hp
  • Type: R-404A zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), internationally approved
  • Charge: 8.0 lbs



Refrigeration Capacity
34,000 BTU/hr
Heating Capacity
Engine Power: 19,000 BTU/hr; Electric Power: 13,500 BTU/hr


Airflow Volume
2020 ft3/min
Discharge Velocity (airthrow)
26 ft/sec


Engine Type
3 cylinder, liquid cooled
Engine Model
TK 380
Engine Rating
16.2 hp
Maintenance Interval
2000 hrs


Compressor Type
Lightweight aluminum alloy
Compressor Model
Compressor Displacement
30 cu. in.


Standard: 790 lb.
74.3 in. (1887 mm) x 36.2 in. (919 mm) x 27.1 in. (668 mm)

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