Thermo King ShuttleAIRE® SA-400

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Thermo King
ShuttleAIRE® SA-400



A complete range of HVAC systems for small and medium sized vehicles. Thermo King offers a complete ShuttleAIRE® product line to meet a wide range of applications, including small to mid-size buses, vans, ambulances, security vehicles, and special purpose vehicles. These systems are supported by the industry’s largest worldwide service organization and are engineered for high performance, reliability and low maintenance for the life of the vehicle.

  • Engineered for Life: ShuttleAIRE® leverages Thermo King’s long history of transport refrigeration and HVAC, resulting in the most reliable HVAC system available for shuttle applications. Each system is engineered and tested to last a minimum of 5 years or 400,000 miles with standard maintenance (see your dealer for warranty details).
  • Efficiency: Every component has been selected to provide the highest level of system efficiency to maximize passenger comfort. Proper component selection and sizing decreases engine load for maximum fuel savings; Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) precisely regulate refrigerant flow for highest efficiency, providing more capacity when needed vs. block valves or orfice tubes; Oversized condensers ensure proper cooling in extreme climates; Properly-sized fans give maximum cooling capacity with lower power consumption
  • Safety: Each ShuttleAIRE® product has been developed with the highest regard for safety. From standard centralized fusing and power distribution to the structural integrity of the unit, ShuttleAIRE® systems have you covered.
  • IMACA Btu/hr (estimated): 46,000
  • Engine Idle Capacity (ASHRE)* BTU/hr / kW: 16,210 / 4.8
  • Maximum Capacity (ASHRE)* BTU/hr / kW: 18,620 / 5.4
  • Heating Capacity BTU/hr / kW: 31,000 / 9.1
  • Evaporator Airflow ft3/ min (CFM) / m3/hr: 450
  • Amperage Requirements 12 VDC: 34
  • Recommended Compressor: TM-16 or TM-21
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Condenser (Rooftop): 73
  • Condenser (Skirt): 40
  • Evaporator Cool Only: 44
  • Evaporator Cool/Heat: 48
  • Rooftop Condenser (L x W x H): 55 x 47 x 6
  • Skirt Condenser: 34 x 14 x 10
  • Evaporator: 32 x 24 x 9



Cooling Capacity
46,000 BTU/hr
Heating Capacity
31,000 BTU/hr (9.1 kW)


Airflow Volume
450 cfm


Condenser (Rooftop): 73 lb.; Condenser (Skirt): 40 lb.; Evaporator Cool Only: 44 lb.; Evaporator Cool/Heat: 48 lb.
Rooftop Condenser: 55 x 47 x 6 in.; Skirt Condenser: 34 x 14 x 10 in.; Evaporator: 32 x 24 x 9 in.

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