Thermo King Athenia AM II 960

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Thermo King
Athenia AM II 960



A complete range of low-weight, high-performance roofmount HVAC systems for coach and transit applications. Featuring an updated design that delivers improved quality and reliability while offering new features and significant enhancements.

  • 10% weight reduction
  • Welded frame
  • Reduced number of potential leak points
  • No sealants used in design
  • Stiffer construction for improved unit/bus sealing
  • 10% more condenser airflow
  • 5% more evaporator airflow
  • Access all servicable items from inside bus
  • Easy-to-install one-piece design
  • IntelligAIRE® III microprocessor controller with CANBUS communications
  • Designed to fit CNG, hybrid and diesel buses
Optional Features
  • Long Life Brushless Motors: Integral electronics; 10% greater airflow; Maintenance-free; Programmable variable speed; 40,000-hour bearings
  • IntelligAIRE® III Electronic Pressure Display Module: Touchpad displays four different pressure readings; Simplifies problem diagnosis and pre-trip inspections
  • S391/S616 Screw Compressors: Exclusive oil management system for increased reliability; Fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors; Lower noise levels and vibration than reciprocating compressors; Programmable capacity control for fuel savings
  • Other Available Options: Return Air Grille; Damper-Controlled Fresh Air Module
System Cooling Capacity
  • BTU/hr: 92,000
  • kW: 30 kW
  • Kcal/hr: 23,183
  • Rated Capacities are at the following conditions: Outside: 35°C/95°F; Inside: 27°C/80°F DB, 19°C/67°F WB
System Heating Capacity
  • At 30 Lt./Min.(8 GPM) coolant flow rate and 55K (100°F) temperature differential between return air and coolant.
  • BTU/hr: 115,000
  • kW: 33.7
  • Kcal/hr: 29,040
Evaporator Airflow
  • (0 in. water column external static pressure)
  • High Speed: 3200 ft3/min
  • Medium Speed: 1900 ft3/min
  • Low Speed: 1350 ft3/min
  • HFC R-134a
Power Consumption @ 27 VDC
  • 120 Amps
  • 470 lbs (213 kg)
Compressor Weight with Clutch (approximate)
  • S391: 147 lbs (67 kg)
  • S616: 171 lbs (77 kg)
  • X426/X430: 115 lbs (52.2 kg)
Standard Features
  • IntelligAIRE® III Control System: Expanded CAN communications capability; Plugs directly into J1939 network to make more info available; Eliminates the gateway module required between bus & unit controllers; Eliminates need for expansion modules external to controller where multiple zones must be controlled independently
  • The Thermo King X430 Compressor: Engineered exclusively for transport applications; Built for extended service life; Field repairable
  • High Performance R-407C or R-134A: Environmentally safe alternatives with zero ODP
  • Electronic Capacity Control: Capacity can be reduced when not needed for fuel savings on cooler days; Improved temperature balance on Arctic buses so capacity can be shifted from unit to unit as needed
  • Motorized Water Valve: Improved temperature control in re-heat and heating modes; Eliminates water hammer



Cooling Capacity
92,000 BTU/hr (30 kW)
Heating Capacity
115,000 BTU/hr (33.7 kW)


Airflow Volume
High Speed: 3200 ft3/min


470 lb. (213 kg)
108.23 x 79.27 x 12.19 in.

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