2016 Thermo King LRV 10T HVAC System

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Thermo King
LRV 10T HVAC System



Key Features
  • Designed to meet your urban needs
  • Totally self-contained and hermetically sealed
  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Ideal for new and retrofit applications
  • Complete capacity range— 22kW-40kW (8-12 ton)
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Proven high reliability with low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly with quiet operation
Quality Components
  • The Thermo King LRV Range is an efficient, self-contained environmental control unit consisting of compressors, evaporator coil, condenser coils, condenser fan, heavy-duty blowers and a control box. The components are fitted into a low-profile frame for roof mounting.
  • Scroll Compressors: Fully hermetic scroll compressors operate in tandem, offering high efficiency, low maintenance and quiet operation.
  • Evaporator Coil: Two TXV valves allow better performance through a wide range of cooling capacity requirements.
  • Control Box: The control box contains the microprocessor-based controller, circuit breakers, overload relays, contactors and more. All necessary sensors are pre-installed in the unit.
  • Heavy-Duty Blowers: High pressure, heavy-duty blowers are designed to deliver maximum airflow throughout the car.
  • Condenser Fan/Motor: The condenser fan/motor has specially designed propeller blades for maximum airflow capacity.
  • Condenser Coils: Lacquer-coated condenser coils offer high anti-corrosion protection.
Passenger Comfort Guaranteed!
  • Customer Requirements: At Thermo King, customers’ requirements are paramount. We analyze and apply all of the requirements in our units, thus delivering a quality product that keeps passengers comfortable.
  • Temperature Management: Light rail cars are subject to frequent door openings, which can cause a rapid rise in cabin temperature. The LRV Range, with its microprocessor controller, reduces the temperature swiftly to maintain passenger comfort.
  • Humidity Reduction: The LRV Range microprocessor controller controls the unit to maintain optimum relative humidity.
  • Environmentally Balanced Controls: The LRV Range is designed and programmed to function in relationship to the outside environment. The ambient environment is calculated for the worst case conditions of temperature, relative humidity, latitude and elevation, ensuring that the unit will maintain optimum passenger comfort anywhere in the world.
Standard Features
  • Fully Integrated Ultra Slim-Line Design
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller: Communication (CAN, RS232); Data logging capability; Self-diagnostic function; Downloading capabilities; Complete system monitoring and fault storing; Flash load updates; Interactive troubleshooting; Independent setpoint control
  • Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly R-407C
  • Life Cost/Load Management: Start-up alternation; Two-year warranty
  • Standard Fresh Air Configuration: Fresh air opening - front - max. 1600 m3/h; Supply air opening - bottom
Optional Features
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller: Communicates with other on-board computers (MVB, LonWorks, Wireless, GSM); Remote Setpoint Controller enables operator to easily control temperature setpoint from a remote location
  • Power Source: Independent power supply inverter for roof mounting with connector for emergency/ventilation
  • End Caps: For a streamlined look
  • Heaters (0-24kW): Electric resistance wire heater; Electric resistance tube heater; Hot water heat exchanger
  • Optional Fresh Air Configuration: Fresh air opening - side - max. 1100 m3/h; Supply air opening - front
LRV Range Specification Performance Table
  • Cooling capacity (related to the frequency rate) kW: 28/34
  • Heating capacity (electrical or hot water) kW: 0-24
  • Refrigerant type: R-407C
  • Compressor type: Scroll
Electrical Data
  • Power voltage range @ 60Hz (AC) V: 208-480
  • Control voltage range (DC) V: 24-110
  • Frequency rate Hz: 50/60
  • Power consumption, full cool (nominal @ 60Hz) kW: 17-20
Airflow Data
  • Fresh air @ 60Hz (max. flow related to the unit inlet location) m3/h: 1200
  • Supply air @ 60Hz (max. at 150 Pa external pressure related frequency rate) m3/h: 5100
Unit Inlet Locations
  • Fresh air (outside air): Front/Side
  • Return air (inside air): Bottom
  • Supply air: Bottom/Front
  • 580 kg
Additional Information
  • Worldwide Service Organization: Thermo King backs its equipment and customers with a highly-trained, worldwide service organization. This assures you the support of factory authorized service facilities and a stock of factory parts and factory trained mechanics.
  • Warranty Summary: Terms of the Thermo King Warranty are available on request from your local Thermo King dealer. Please reference document TK50049 for the Thermo King Bus Unit Warranty.



Cooling Capacity
28/34 kW
Heating Capacity
24 kW


Airflow Volume
5100 m3/hr


580 kg
133.2 in. x 70.9 in. x 16.7 in. (3382 x 1800 x 425 mm)

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